Younger Self

If I could write my younger self,
Such heartache I could heal,
By shedding wounds that festered,
In a world that wasn’t real,
No longer an imposter,
I could set my gender free,
And finally begin to own,
The story that was me.

A story filled with spectrums,
And a journey filled with light,
A chance to feel connected,
With a spirit burning bright,
Not silenced by society,
Nor told just who to be,
Affirmed by introspection,
Proud and loud for all to see.

Not waiting for a hero,
To come save me from my fate,
Instead I’d saddle up and be,
The one who holds the gate,
Wide open for support,
So that my younger self could dare,
To live a life that’s full of hope,
With happiness to spare.

If I could write my younger self,
I’d give them all the rules,
Then burn the piece of paper,
And reject the sodden fools,
Who claim to spew the rhetoric,
For which we must dispel,
If I could write my younger self,
I’d tell them to rebel.

© The Complicated Bunny – 18 Jul 2021

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