So what the hell was that today?
My manic brain came out to play,
My head a spin from rapid thoughts,
It really pushed me out of sorts,

Such random whispers deep inside,
Abandoning the place they hide,
With pressured speech converging fast,
Revealing my intrinsic past,

And too a touch of déjà vu,
A loss of that control I knew,
Which centres on my sense of time,
Dissociating every rhyme,

That enters in the labyrinth,
Amongst the purple hyacinth,
That bloom as my existence grows,
Between the intellect that knows,

For which I stand, for which I fall,
I write my truths upon that wall,
For all the world to see and feel,
Those manic thoughts alive and real,

Until the fire passes through,
And substance does begin anew,
To wipe the madness from my mind,
And hold my power so sublime,

But sometimes mania affirms,
A kind of charm and edge that yearns,
To break the chains of normal gain,
That drags me down the sodden drain,

And if I had a chance to break,
This life that I indeed partake,
I’d choose the fire in my soul,
For it in truth does make me whole.

© The Complicated Bunny – 9th Aug 2021

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