I’m being reflective,
On current perspective,
I’m eager to see where I go,
I’ve already lifted,
The darkness has shifted,
From shadows to light where I grow.

A sudden performance,
Which strikes me enormous,
Brings colour to black & white scenes,
A rainbow outstanding,
A subtle demanding,
To follow my craziest dreams.

Now run through dimensions,
With no interventions,
There’s marathons calling my name,
Endorphins placating,
The dramas forsaking,
Are fuelling my goals just the same.

And when there’s resistance,
Just shuffle the distance,
You’re bound to mix fire with ice,
Let image drive faster,
With hope ever after,
Now chomp on the tastiest slice.

So now a conclusion,
With no more delusion,
Just action with fervour and might,
Perspective in feeling,
My soul is now healing,
For life is a wonderful sight!

© The Complicated Bunny – 11th Sep 2021

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