The Invisible Child

I know you feel invisible,
As if you don’t belong,
But I see you for who you are,
I hear your silenced song,
Your voice is so important,
Never fear to make a sound,
Don’t shrink into the shadows,
Plant your feet on solid ground.

Embrace the magic that is you,
And twinkle like a star,
When you grow up you’ll see,
That you are perfect as you are,
Your kindness and benevolence,
Will shine forever bright,
And once you find your inner voice,
You’ll set the world alight.

The people worthy of your love,
Will celebrate your soul,
You will exist within their eyes,
On levels safe and whole,
They will not condescend you,
Or dismiss your points of view,
They’ll understand the qualities,
That drive your inner you.

So listen not to toxic wolves,
They know not who you are,
Instead hold fast to courage,
For your strength will take you far,
Ignore the snubs, ignore the hate,
Stay confident and real,
The less you interact with pigs,
The less they tend to squeal.

I know you feel invisible,
But trust me you are seen,
Your light is so fantastic,
It illuminates my dream,
For you to have a better life,
Where one day you can be,
Empowered and impassioned,
With the one who set you free.

© The Complicated Bunny – 13 Sep 2021

This poem is the first in a series of prose which are conversations with my inner child parts. This is a homework assignment from J.B. my clinical psychologist. It is hoped by engaging with these individual child parts it will validate their existence and help bring me closer to understanding my own trauma and pain and thus move closer to healing from it.

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