The Gifted Child

You may not know, but as time shifts,
You’ll find you have amazing gifts,
They’ll wait until your time is right,
To spread your wings and take full flight,
And then there’ll be no stopping you,
There’s nothing that you cannot do,
Just set your mind towards a dream,
And watch the magic make it gleam.

The gift to muse, the gift to write,
The gift to fantasise all night,
The gift to hope, the gift to care,
The gift to follow dreams you dare,
The gift to paint, the gift to draw,
The gift to let your heart explore,
The gift to love, the gift to sing,
The gift to pluck a guitar string.

Now with these gifts will come a joy,
That lets you sail your ship ahoy,
To better moods, to better times,
Where you are captain of your rhymes,
And running on the open trail,
Empowers thoughts to now set sail,
Achieving all your soulful needs,
By poisoning those toxic weeds.

And you will know the joy of life,
Your gifts will save you from the strife,
That stains the walls inside your head,
Revealing all you’ve fought and bled,
So make the time to save yourself,
From rotting on that wretched shelf,
Let freedom call, for when time shifts,
The light will glisten through your gifts.

© The Complicated Bunny – 16 Sep 2021

This poem is the fourth in a series of prose which are conversations with my inner child parts. This is a homework assignment from J.B. my clinical psychologist. It is hoped by engaging with these individual child parts it will validate their existence and help bring me closer to understanding my own trauma and pain and thus move closer to healing from it.

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