The Loser Child

A soul manipulated,
You just never had a chance,
The dice were always rigged,
So you were halted from advance,
And every single play,
Was thwarted by abhorrent rules,
And boundaries not valued,
By a tribe of shallow fools.

From birth the bastards set you up,
Your life was never yours,
To win was not an option,
You were hit with countless flaws,
To them you were the villain,
Did not matter what you said,
They wrote the script and acted out,
The shoe fell on your head.

And so you were the loser,
Every time you graced the board,
Abashed by siblings daily,
When you plummeted they soared,
And mother held court constantly,
To please her was the game,
The game was narcissism,
Where you always copped the blame.

To grow up without purpose,
But to serve their beck and call,
Is really just a toxic fate,
I wouldn’t wish at all,
On enemies or narcissists,
You see I still have heart,
That one day we can both be free,
And lose that tragic start.

A soul manipulated,
You just never had a chance,
Until the world awakened,
And it noticed you can dance,
With words that set your soul alight,
The loser is no more,
Let’s live a life of miracles,
And even up the score.

© The Complicated Bunny – 28 Sep 2021

This poem is the sixth in a series of prose which are conversations with my inner child parts. This is a homework assignment from J.B. my clinical psychologist. It is hoped by engaging with these individual child parts it will validate their existence and help bring me closer to understanding my own trauma and pain and thus move closer to healing from it.

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