The Broken Child

I know you feel broken,
I know you feel scarred,
Immersed in a curse,
With a soul fully marred,
Your life never smooth,
But unbearably hard,
Wrought by the thoughts,
So deliberately charred.

I know you feel wretched,
I know you feel lost,
So bogged in a fog,
You can barely see frost,
That burns through your skin,
As emotions are tossed,
A life full of strife,
Has you paying the cost.

I know you feel hopeless,
I know you feel sad,
Controlled by the fold,
Of existence gone bad,
You’re trapped in a world,
Where the truth is a fad,
No wonder your thunder,
Is frightfully mad.

I know you feel beaten,
I know you feel gagged,
Depleted and cheated,
And constantly nagged,
Censored to silence,
While everyone bragged,
Your heart pulled apart,
By the labels they tagged.

I know you feel wounded,
I know you feel pain,
Left stark in the dark,
To be soaked by the rain,
Your mind cruelly shattered,
By judgment and blame,
Their hate is your fate,
When there’s nothing to gain.

I know you feel broken,
I know you’re forlorn,
But pain will remain,
While your spirit is torn,
So fight for your freedom,
No matter the scorn,
And suture the future,
For justice reborn.

© The Complicated Bunny – 10 Oct 2021

This poem is the eighth in a series of prose which are conversations with my inner child parts. This is a homework assignment from J.B. my clinical psychologist. It is hoped by engaging with these individual child parts it will validate their existence and help bring me closer to understanding my own trauma and pain and thus move closer to healing from it.

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