The Fringe

Caught in a fog of depression and grief,
Where time is a bully that shatters belief,
And darkness descends like a consummate thief,
I’m lost on a ledge with no chance of relief.

Belligerent memories that enter decline,
It’s hard to move forward, it’s easy to whine,
When all of society’s bubbling shrine,
Reduces the chances your spirit will shine.

The echoes of negative thoughts from the past,
Lend havoc to moments where fears run aghast,
And mania races so dreams finish last,
I’m trapped in a world that is spinning too fast.

Frustration still driving the anger and rage,
The black dog now chewing the bars of its cage,
The years slipping by as I turn a new page,
My youth losing touch as I battle with age.

Dysphoric intentions that summon the binge,
A hollow intention still caught in a whinge,
Where anxious notations all shudder and cringe,
I’m lost in a fog and I’m stuck on the fringe.

© The Complicated Bunny – 16 Oct 2021

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