It’s Kind Of

It’s kind of hypnotic but also absurd,
This feeling that hangs off your every word,
Allegiances spoken but nonsense is heard,
No matter your skin you were always the nerd.

It’s kind of substantial but also so slight,
These nightmares that cause you to jump in the night,
With visions so real that you choke on your fright,
The darkness so dim it can block any light.

It’s kind of amusing but also severe,
When out of control you are wanting to steer,
Your brain racing fast as it finds a new gear,
You shudder and lurch from the ravenous fear.

It’s kind of ironic but also relief,
When seasons relate a mischievous thief,
And echoes in time are equated so brief,
You come for the joy but you stay for the grief.

It’s kind of temptation but also disgust,
When voices within question all that you trust,
Has mania spat on the life that you lust,
You rise but forever are covered in dust.

It’s kind of destructive but also sublime,
These tragic events so conveyed in this rhyme,
Are covered in shame with a twist of raw lime,
My hollow protest’s are humanities crime.

It’s kind of amazing but also forlorn,
When pieces just mended are ruefully torn,
And dreams that are epic are covered in scorn,
There are moments I wonder, just why I was born.

It’s kind of hypnotic, It’s kind of absurd,
These days that I choke on my every word,
When I’m trying to fly like a broken winged bird,
It’s kind of insane when the lines have been blurred.

© The Complicated Bunny – 18 Oct 2021

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