Transcend beyond the gender code,
Let fabulous reach overload,
Denounce conformity each chance,
Adore the manic rainbow dance.

Transcend beyond the cis belief,
It stole your passion like a thief,
Be comfortable within your skin,
Don’t let those toxic bullies win.

Transcend beyond the binary,
Your heart will always set you free,
No matter what the stars create,
You are the master of your fate.

Transcend beyond the sullen days,
That leave your soul engulfed in haze,
Your light cannot be smothered out,
Take pride and let your colours shout.

Transcend beyond the stigma woe,
You’re beautiful from head to toe,
Seek courage in the darkest times,
Survive the falls, embrace the climbs.

Transcend beyond the ignorance,
Leave haters sitting on the fence,
Your spirit has the right to shine,
So sparkle through immortal time.

And should you doubt your worldly place,
Exhausted from the cis rat race,
Take heart for peace will find abode,
When you transcend the gender code.

© The Complicated Bunny – 22 Oct 2021

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