Queer Insane

It’s hard enough to be insane,
Without the ignorance and shame,
With stigma tossed into the fray,
Sometimes it’s hard to face the day,
And should you falter in your mood,
While haters give you attitude,
Remember heads with wiser brains,
Have rainbows running through their veins.

Square peg labels, sullen woes,
It’s always petulance that crows,
Forever told to dress and act,
As if my very soul were cracked,
But madness gives me freedom here,
To celebrate my inner queer,
I wear my pride with labels torn,
And will embrace my crazy dawn.

So do your best to cage me in,
Your toxic ways will never win,
For I have found just where I fit,
The perfect mix of sass and wit,
With manic means to penetrate,
What ever dangers line the gate,
I will not fear the Trojan horse,
You cannot halt my raging force.

Now join me in my pert malaise,
The world it needs a purple haze,
Be gay, be trans, be what you like,
Ride proud upon that coloured bike,
And break the shackles of the meek,
For madness needs a place to speak,
There’s power in the words I spy,
I’m queer insane, but still I fly.

© The Complicated Bunny – 23 Oct 2021

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