My Bestest Voice

I used to cower in the night,
All covered in contempt and fright,
Just darkness not a glimpse of light,
The black dog poised to take a bite.

But then a fellow wandered in,
With smiley eyes, a cheeky grin,
He offered hope and thoughts akin,
And so the homework did begin.

Poems coming thick and fast,
And finally a voice at last,
That spoke a truth of troubled past,
And fate that wronged the role I cast.

And slowly things began to change,
My thoughts and feelings rearrange,
Into an insight not so strange,
That shook the chains of deep derange.

We ease the pain and wretched grief,
Although our time considered brief,
Has gathered strength and self belief,
Where once I judged the world a thief.

I’m eager now to summon noice,
To laugh and dance with great rejoice,
And live a life designed by choice,
Enchanted with my bestest voice.

© The Complicated Bunny – 06 Nov 2021

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