Chasing Joy

The mountains call so off I go,
Zig zagging up the trail,
A little huff, a little puff,
And all my dreams set sail,
Towards some new horizons,
With exuberance ahoy,
Not chasing hollow triumphs,
I’m too busy chasing joy.

With recklessness abandoned,
Leaving demons on the climb,
A little dirt, a little vert,
The view always sublime,
Step by step unto the top,
To finish is my ploy,
Not chasing other runners,
I’m too busy chasing joy.

I’ll finish last, but that’s okay,
I’m humble in my goals,
I’d rather be embracing hope,
Than digging deeper holes,
I relish in the gentle calm,
When happiness deploys,
Not chasing faster paces,
I’m too busy chasing joy.

There’s single track abundance,
Wombat holes and roots and rocks,
A little slip, a little slide,
And mud emblazoned socks,
The air is fresh, the earth is damp,
No stigma to annoy,
Not chasing empty moments,
I’m too busy chasing joy.

The mountains call so off I go,
Adventure in my veins,
Embraced by new horizons,
Letting go of bleak remains,
A little smile to pass the miles,
With freedom to employ,
Not chasing any miracles,
Just simply chasing joy.

© The Complicated Bunny – 24 Dec 2021

2 thoughts on “Chasing Joy

    1. This was my last poem assignment from JB. In our last session we were taking about the trail runs and I said, “For me it’s not about chasing other runners, it’s about chasing joy.” Then he said his classic homework line, “Oh there’s definitely gotta be a poem in that!” 😂

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