The Protector

I know you want to keep me safe,
But please just have a little faith,
You may well falter on the track,
But I will always have your back.

And if you feel you’re on that ledge,
Where demons make their wicked pledge,
Just trust my promise here today,
You won’t be tossed into the fray.

A guardian of calm retorts,
To combat any toxic thoughts,
I will protect your mind and soul,
From diving down that rabbit hole.

And when your comfort zone is breached,
Remember all the goals you’ve reached,
I’ve never let your truth be harmed,
So there’s no cause to be alarmed.

So let me climb to greater heights,
I’m done with arguments and fights,
It’s time to trade the gloves for rope,
And climb towards a greater hope.

© The Complicated Bunny – 22 Nov 2021

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