Comfort Zones

Who decides a comfort zone,
And what it means to you,
So many scribe to step outside,
But is that really true,
Are comfort zones a slothful place,
Or are they worlds that heal,
I used to think I had to fight,
But now I choose to kneel.

I’m told, step out your comfort zone,
Break all which holds you back,
But souls who spew this rhetoric,
Are missing all the facts,
I live outside real comfort,
Each and every single day,
I’m searching for some peace of mind,
I want another way.

Another way to keep myself,
From spinning off the earth,
Another way that swaps,
My bitter pain to hope and mirth,
A way that finds a safety,
Which I have not felt in years,
A way to turn my sadness,
Into hope to dry my tears.

So speak of stepping out,
If that’s the thing that floats your boat,
But me I’m stepping in,
I’ll build a tower and a moat,
And guard my soul’s tranquility,
For comfort is my choice,
My bark and bite have silenced,
To that wiser inner voice.

So who decides a comfort zone,
And will you let them chide,
Until you’ve had enough,
Of this damn roller coaster ride,
There has to be a better way,
Where balance sets the tone,
There’s no more stepping out,
I’m leaping in my comfort zone.

© The Complicated Bunny – 13 Jan 2022

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