I Am Not The Damaged One

I am not the damaged one,
False rhetoric aside,
I revel in the villain role,
Of which I do abide,
For I am not the poison,
I am antidote reborn,
It makes me laugh,
For all they have,
Is hate and bitter scorn.

I am not the damaged one,
My knowledge sets me free,
I used to feel so broken,
But the truth is mine to see,
For years I was the punching bag,
Soaked deep in aftermath,
The wounds once gaping open,
Now do light my healing path.

I am not the damaged one,
My soul rejects their blame,
The words that once cut deep,
Are merely pawns without a game,
The power now belongs to me,
It grows each passing day,
No buttons left to push,
I’m here to have the final say.

I am not the damaged one,
My trauma makes me strong,
No longer do I have to hide,
From feelings classed as wrong,
For now I know perfection,
Is a myth used to control,
They cannot bring destruction,
When their lies are full of holes.

I am not the damaged one,
No matter what they chide,
They chose to be combatants,
And I chose my own damn side,
I have no urge for vengeance,
Nor a raging force to stem,
For I am not the damaged one,
The damage lies in them.

© The Complicated Bunny – 19 Jan 2022