Don’t Criticise Me

Don’t criticise the one you see,
My faults are very clear to me,
It’s troublesome to hear your flaws,
Rebounding like a beast with claws.

Don’t criticise the things I say,
My mind creates another way,
To see the world, to hear it’s song,
My crazy doesn’t make me wrong.

Don’t criticise the things I do,
I may not be as strong as you,
I face the dangers I confront,
You need not be so very blunt.

Don’t criticise the way I look,
My life is not a picture book,
The woman in me didn’t thrive,
I’m just so thankful I’m alive.

Don’t criticise the choice I make,
To second guess was my mistake,
I may well fall and pay the price,
I never asked for your advice.

Don’t criticise the way I live,
My life was never yours to give,
I am content with being me,
I don’t need you to rescue me.

So save your criticism full stop,
I do not need that mic to drop,
I’m painfully aware thyself,
So keep your critics on the shelf.

© The Complicated Bunny – 22 Jan 2022

This poem is the nineth in a series of prose about boundaries, which are essentially conversations with myself. Yet another homework assignment from my clinical psychologist, designed to help me recognise my own personal boundaries so I can form healthy relationships moving forward.