It’s Okay To Disagree

It’s fine to want to disagree,
My fragile self aside,
At times we won’t see eye to eye,
I’m not about to hide,
So trust me I can cope,
Without approval every day,
So if you need to disagree,
Believe me that’s okay.

I’d rather you be honest,
Than be hiding your beliefs,
We can agree to disagree,
It should not bring us grief,
The more mature we are,
Embracing different points of view,
The better we will strengthen,
What is me and what is you.

So please feel free to disagree,
But leave it where it stands,
Don’t try to change my world,
Cause it was built with different hands,
We both have our opinions,
And at times they won’t align,
But it’s okay to disagree,
So trust me, I’ll be fine.

© The Complicated Bunny – 23 Jan 2022

This poem is the eleventh in a series of prose about boundaries, which are essentially conversations with myself. Yet another homework assignment from my clinical psychologist, designed to help me recognise my own personal boundaries so I can form healthy relationships moving forward.