Laugh With Me

Laugh with me,
And help set free,
The joy within my soul,
A giggle fest,
Is always best,
When life is on a roll,
Some banter shared,
From stories dared,
So funny you could cry,
So laugh with me,
Until we pee,
And let our spirits fly.

Laugh with me,
But not at me,
My confidence is frail,
If you should please,
To mock and tease,
I fear you must set sail,
I will not stunt,
Nor be the brunt,
To tickle someone’s end,
So laugh with me,
But not at me,
Or find another friend.

Laugh with me,
And you will see,
A sense of humour wrought,
With droll malaise,
And charming haze,
That lessens my distraught,
Self deprecate,
But do not hate,
When crazy rules my rhyme,
So laugh with me,
Come set me free,
For laughter is sublime.

© The Complicated Bunny – 25 Jan 2022

This poem is the eighteenth in a series of prose about boundaries, which are essentially conversations with myself. Yet another homework assignment from my clinical psychologist, designed to help me recognise my own personal boundaries so I can form healthy relationships moving forward.