Head Up, Wings Out

Head up, wings out,
Don’t fill your mind,
With senseless doubt,
Head down, wings in,
Reset your thoughts,
And let’s begin.

Head up, wings on,
Ignore the hate,
And prove them wrong,
Head down, wings up,
Now quench your thirst,
From wisdom’s cup.

Head up, wings spread,
Your life is more,
Than pain and dread,
Head up, wings clear,
Your soul will cleanse,
That wretched fear.

Head up, wings fly,
You do not need,
To try and try,
Head down, wings flee,
You are the hope,
To set us free.

Head up, wings clean,
There’s wonderment,
In every scene,
Head down, wings fold,
Your heart is full,
Of nature’s gold.

Head up, wings out,
The trails are what,
This love’s about,
Head down, wings in,
The joy is now,
Our greatest win.

© The Complicated Bunny – 16 Feb 2022