The Tofu Elephant

I bite off more than I can chew,
That’s just the way I am,
Too much to chew,
Can make you spew,
And force you in a jam,
But jam is spreadable at least,
Though filled with sweet decline,
For me a tofu elephant,
Is simply more divine.

A task too big to swallow,
Has you planning every bite,
Too much you’ll choke,
And then you’ll croak,
It’s not a pretty sight,
But little pieces here and there,
And right before your eyes,
The tofu elephant will shrink,
It’s magic in disguise.

So cut it into smaller chunks,
And heed my sound advice,
Each little bit,
Will keep you fit,
Now don’t forget the rice,
A mountain can be conquered,
Step by step on wisdom’s trail,
A tofu elephant with carbs,
Will help your dreams set sail.

So don’t be gaging on a goal,
Too cumbersome to eat,
A brief digest,
Will help your quest,
And keep you on your feet,
A little bite of nourishment,
Will help you find your rhyme,
So pack a tofu elephant,
They’re simply just sublime.

© The Complicated Bunny – 16 Feb 2022