The Trail Gods

The trail gods have spoken,
I’m no longer broken,
A butterfly totem my guide,
With paths to be run,
And a whole lotta fun,
I’m shedding my reasons to hide,
With noble intentions,
I gather my mentions,
For here I was destined to stride,
I dance through the trees,
With the utmost of ease,
A therapy nature provides.

The trail gods have listened,
The bush aptly glistened,
From sweat mixing in with the breeze,
A climb is a must,
While I’m covered in dust,
I’d rather push forward than freeze,
You see I was weary,
With questions to query,
And nothing left in me to squeeze,
But now I am yearning,
For single track turning,
The mountains are mine for the please.

The trail gods have granted,
A home that is planted,
With fauna and flora sublime,
I breathe the fresh air,
As I follow my dare,
To summit the peak every time,
At some points I quake,
But I never do break,
My legs feeling stronger each climb,
I used to be weak,
But the trails that I seek,
Are filled with harmonious rhyme.

The trail gods have bellowed,
My fury has mellowed,
For now I have reason to strive,
Towards a new life,
Where I conquer the strife,
That stifled my will to survive,
And should I partake,
In a quest for my sake,
Adventure will summon my jive,
For out here alone,
Where my joy is to roam,
I’ve found inspiration to thrive.

The trail gods have spoken,
I used to be broken,
But now I am brimming with glee,
I’m chasing the joy,
That I thought was a ploy,
It’s building a wonderful chi,
And should I discover,
A life like no other,
I bet it will help me to see,
The trail gods have spoken,
I’m no longer broken,
Some dirt mixed with vert sets me free.

© The Complicated Bunny – 16 Feb 2022