The Infested Planet

This planet’s infested,
My sanity’s tested,
Each day when I finally wake,
The human persuasion,
Has wrecked the equation,
The world is in need of a quake,
To rid the intrusion,
Of wretched delusion,
Where people spread annals of hate,
The true nomenclature,
Of all that is nature,
Would rid us from every plate.

This planet’s infested,
Our race is detested,
For people are guided by greed,
They use and abuse,
Till there’s nothing to lose,
As the earth weeps alone to be freed,
There’s little regard,
For they break and discard,
With never an ounce of remorse,
It’s heart truly broken,
From nightmares unspoken,
While wounds are ripped open by force.

This planet’s infested,
Destruction has nested,
Where populace spreads its disease,
Such horror connecting,
Has wilderness retching,
And planning the ultimate freeze,
To rid human lore,
From the depths of its core,
With fire and ice it does play,
I’m pretty sure people,
Are gullible sheeple,
Autonomous in their decay.

This planet’s infested,
My sanity’s vested,
In clearing malevolent space,
That floats through the earth,
With indifference and mirth,
And punches humanity’s face,
You see time has come,
For the world to be one,
Not pillaged and plundered for worth,
If I had my say,
There would soon come a day,
Where humans were kicked off the earth.

© The Complicated Bunny – 28 Feb 2022