Keep Bouncing

Keep bouncing back,
When you are floored,
Bipolar wields,
A mighty sword,
But dancing on,
The razor’s edge,
Has taught you more,
Than life could pledge.

Keep bouncing high,
When joy is near,
But do avoid,
The manic-sphere,
You have the right,
To chase your bliss,
So don’t concede,
To the abyss.

Keep bouncing to,
Avoiding fro,
It’s forward that,
You need to go,
Stay focused on,
The present mind,
The past is gone,
The future’s blind.

Keep bouncing with,
A purpose bold,
There’s dreams that need,
A hand to hold,
Don’t ever listen,
To their gripe,
The hater’s heart,
Is full of tripe.

Keep bouncing well,
We all feel raw,
But you have gifts,
That need to soar,
So send your message,
Loud and clear,
And let your truth,
And power steer.

Keep bouncing back,
You may hit floor,
But choose instead,
A mighty roar,
Be steadfast in,
Your will to strive,
Keep bouncing back,
So you can thrive.

© The Complicated Bunny – 31 Mar 2022