I feel as if my life,
Has never truly been my own,
A toy for your amusement,
Lines were crossed,
And tantrums thrown,
I had no say about it,
Ignorance belayed my call,
And privacy was just a word,
You relished in my fall.

You snap at every thing I say,
Dismiss my wants and needs,
I try to understand the rules,
But narcissism feeds,
Like leeches on an open wound,
My spirit ground to dust,
I wish I could have loved,
But you just shattered all my trust.

I couldn’t even have a place,
Where feelings could be safe,
You shat on everything I felt,
One look could make me chafe,
I never understood your need,
To crush my will to live,
In spite of your rejection,
There’s a lot I have to give.

But not to you, not ever more,
You don’t deserve my love,
I’ll save it for the one,
Who took your shit but rose above,
You see I’m not a victim,
And you lost control to fate,
The moment I was born,
My light was stronger than your hate.

So take away my privacy,
I guarantee you’ve lost,
You had the greatest gift of all,
But narcissistic cost,
Revealed the nasty truth,
Behind the poser you project,
My soul deserves a better life,
And peace from your neglect.

I never feel my life is mine,
But one day it will be,
I’ll have a say in how I live,
My soul will wander free,
Not bound by narcissistic chains,
Nor shackled to a lie,
My only thirst is freedom,
Let me drink before I die.

© The Complicated Bunny – 31 Mar 2022