The Leeches Kiss

I long to feel a leeches kiss,
Which signifies the epic bliss,
Of being out on nature’s trail,
Where lives and spirits aptly sail,
And fill a heart with measured joy,
Not ever purchased from a toy,
For earth secretes a healing will,
That can’t be fashioned in a pill.

I long to feel a forceful breeze,
That blows my head into the trees,
Where clouds rush through my body’s need,
To rid my soul of wounds that bleed,
A rush of moisture through the air,
Revealing all of nature’s flair,
A mist that can be seen and heard,
Through triumphs and a whispered word.

I long to feel the warmth of light,
That brings about a future bright,
Which breaks through canopies above,
And brings about a mortal shove,
To push you forward on your path,
Where confidence and courage bath,
A single track that calls your name,
So you will never be the same.

I long to feel a leeches kiss,
While whuffle-ing through nature’s bliss,
The trails are where I’m meant to be,
They lift my heart and set me free,
And should I ever lose my way,
On days bipolar has it’s say,
Remind me that a leeches kiss,
Will save my soul from the abyss.

© The Complicated Bunny – 01 Apr 2022