The Warden

I swear it’s like a prison,
Living with you every day,
The rules forever changing,
And they never go my way,
I always need permission,
Just to be in your good grace,
I’d love to wipe that vapid smirk,
Completely from your face.

You act more like a warden,
Giving orders here and there,
I never have a moment’s peace,
I can’t escape the glare,
You throw no matter what I do,
A child has more restraint,
Your tantrums are ridiculous,
You rage and spew complaint.

I can’t believe I’m stuck within,
The annals of this fate,
For 20 years beyond,
I’ve had to navigate your hate,
I’m torn between revulsion,
And despair within your sight,
My only wish is soon,
I can escape this dreadful plight.

So play the condescending bitch,
Forever and a day,
Cause pretty soon, eventually,
I’ll have the final say,
And sell this house of horrors,
Leave your grave for weeds to grow,
I’ll carve some peace and comfort,
For a life you’ll never know.

© The Complicated Bunny – 08 Apr 2022