The Gargoyle King

My head feels like it’s ripped apart,
A numbing quest about to start,
Which chalice do you choose to sip,
Which poison will usurp his grip,

The one that pulls you down to earth,
Or one which greets with sullen mirth,
Drink neither and you’ll go insane,
From treachery and all the blame,

That pulls you down the rabbit hole,
To view a frightful tragic soul,
That knows not where to run or hide,
A sword of dread thrust in your side,

It looks familiar but you wane,
The sharpened edge a point of pain,
That slices through as feelings sink,
And bleed the poison that you drink,

Two chalices, but which to take,
A choice of fate you have to make,
With each comes panic as you find,
A madness gripped within your mind,

And as you choose to swallow tart,
Your head is slowly ripped apart,
And through the craziness you sing,
All hail the mighty Gargoyle King.

© The Complicated Bunny – 25 Apr 2022