The Muse

You are the cat, I am the string,
You treat me like I’m just a thing,
To play with when you’re feeling bored,
My spirit sunk, your pleasure soared.

You are the dog, I am the post,
My cheer is what you hate the most,
You chained my loving trustful soul,
Then fed me from your toxic bowl.

You are the rat, I am the cheese,
My heart could never truly please,
The narcissist inside the cast,
My independence swallowed fast.

You are the bat, I am the ball,
You relish in the times I fall,
And when I rise above your boast,
You hit me where it hurts the most.

You are the bear, I am the cave,
My darkness drenched in lies you rave,
You claw my wounds until they bleed,
Your hatred destined to succeed.

You are the child, I am the toy,
You’ve broken every ounce of joy,
That ever found it’s way to me,
I always longed to be set free.

You are the thorn, I am the rose,
My truth is heard throughout my prose,
Your words are but a shallow poke,
I am the muse, you are the joke.

© The Complicated Bunny – 25 Apr 2022