The Narcissistic Cult

A family’s not a family,
When it’s built on fear and hate,
A hierarchy of horror,
Commandeering time and fate,
No room for independence,
Every torment rubbed with salt,
Indeed we’re not a family,
Just a narcissistic cult.

The leader is our matriarch,
Don’t ever cross her path,
You will be dealt with swiftly,
Suffering the aftermath,
For she must always be obeyed,
You dare not feign insult,
For life is truly tragic,
In the narcissistic cult.

And birthright came with privilege,
If you were the golden child,
But woah the harsh reality,
For scapegoats running wild,
You quickly learned male siblings,
Pecked the order to adult,
And if you snooze you lose,
Inside the narcissistic cult.

The patriarch was beaten down,
He never got his way,
The matriarch and siblings,
Left him broken in dismay,
He tried to end his life,
But all that action did result,
Was being more dejected,
By the narcissistic cult.

The scapegoat ran to freedom,
But they pulled her straight back in,
The youngest needs to pay her dues,
The boys rejoiced their win,
The scapegoat wasn’t finished yet,
She braced for the assault, but
The matriarch had groomed her,
For the narcissistic cult.

The matriarch is ageing now,
She’s running out of spark,
The scapegoat tasting freedom,
Plans her path beyond the dark,
Where treachery and dissidence,
Make way for grand exult,
And life beyond the torment,
Of the narcissistic cult.

© The Complicated Bunny – 27 Apr 2022