I thought I was the one you liked,
But I was just your game,
A can for you to kick around,
Some petrol for your flame,
A flirt to stroke your ego,
Till you ripped my soul apart,
The sushi didn’t make me sick,
‘Twas you who broke my heart.

You made me think I had a chance,
You hovered like a gnat,
Then baited me to have your fun,
And wondered why I spat,
The dummy you so readily,
Chewed from the very start,
Bipolar didn’t make me cry,
‘Twas you who broke my heart.

A friend would never play you,
You insisted you were kind,
But now I know for sure,
You had a narcissistic mind,
Manipulate then decimate,
You thought yourself so smart,
You’re not the martyr of this play,
‘Twas you who broke my heart.

And when it all was said and done,
When all the tears were dried,
When I could finally take a breath,
And not feel crushed inside,
I realised who you really were,
Your power fell apart,
‘Twas luck I managed to escape,
Thank god you broke my heart.

© The Complicated Bunny – 12 May 2022