Honour The Dream

Honour the dream by doing the work,
Your efforts will bring you reward,
Do not waste your high,
By idling by,
For loafing’s a double edged sword,
You get out exactly what you put in,
So hustle and never look back,
Your heart on your sleeve,
Do not look for reprieve,
Just follow the battle worn track.

Honour the soul by being yourself,
For once is enough in this world,
Why choose to be same,
When different’s the game,
Your knuckles weren’t meant to be knurled,
A time in your life that’s full of regard,
May tempt you to follow fool’s gold,
So grab your own stick,
And now beat it real quick,
The rhythm is yours to behold.

Honour the heart by chasing your joy,
You never know where it may lead,
There’s courage and fame,
When you choose your own name,
Repairing the wounds that still bleed,
For you deserve more than a petulant life,
So author your chapter of youth,
And you may just find,
That a well gifted mind,
Is all that was needed for truth.

© The Complicated Bunny – 17 May 2022