The Kicker

Another night of huge regret,
Unable to erase the debt,
Of shame and guilt that fills the air,
As binging carves it’s wanton stare,

But you know what the kicker is,
The flavours hung like sour wizz,
Enjoyment never ventured forth,
My tastebuds couldn’t find true north,

A north that brings an inner bliss,
This time my aim did sorely miss,
The after taste was not the same,
But pain and emptiness remain,

So could it be my mind deceives,
Are thoughts of pleasure simply thieves,
Or is the kicker that my heart,
Was just mistaken from the start,

That junk food never tasted good,
And pleasure is a could not should,
For really I am shot with holes,
That can’t be filled by ice cream bowls,

Nor anything my cravings deem,
A magic potion for my dream,
But dreams do not include neglect,
And chaos as a side effect,

So what to do from this day on,
What will my mind now feast upon,
The kicker is this morning start,
May drive the binging from my heart.

© The Complicated Bunny – 20 May 2022