Dear Albo

I need your help for I am lost,
And frozen like the morning frost,
I made a plea for help you see,
But N-D-I-S crippled me.

At first they said they heard my plight,
Until such time for funds to fight,
This wretched mental illness brute,
Their plan for me just did not suit.

They gave me money sure enough,
But only for the useless stuff,
I needed psychotherapy,
Not flamin’ speech pathology.

But still we managed in the fold,
Until an email stopped me cold,
No longer would they pay the bills,
For therapy which tamed my ills.

So now I’m gutted once again,
Wasting Covid sessions when,
I should be working to get well,
Not sorting this insurance hell.

I’ve all this money I can’t touch,
Because of bureaucratic clutch,
I only want the right to use,
These funds for services I choose.

So help me Albo if you can,
I voted for the Labor clan,
I’m clinging by a thread down here,
Bipolar is a bitch to steer.

My pension only goes so far,
And I could be a shining star,
I want to work eventually,
But I need help to set me free.

You said no one gets left behind,
And I believe with heart and mind,
That you can make this country great,
And care for those in dire straight.

So this verse is my plea to you,
To change N-D-I-S’s view,
And allocate my funds so I,
Can spread my wings and start to fly.

My therapist is just the best,
He has my back in this great quest,
I trust him more than anyone,
I need his help to be someone.

So help me Albo, if you can,
I trust you for you are the man,
To right the wrongs ScoMo ignored,
Your pen is greater than his sword.

And when the wrongs are written right,
When I can be that guiding light,
I’ll shout from rooftops near and far,
That Albo was my shining star.

© The Complicated Bunny – 26th May 2022

My plea to the Australian Prime Minister to fix the NDIS debacle so I can be funded for my therapy once again.