Falling Fast

Falling fast no end in sight,
I face another crippled plight,
That slaps me hard across the face,
It represents the human race.

Falling fast a hand on throat,
The more they win, the more they gloat,
It’s not enough to knock me down,
They hold me under till I drown.

Falling fast all hope is lost,
I fight but there’s a sullen cost,
That weighs me down with bitter pain.
I’m drenched from crawling in the rain.

Falling fast without a brake,
This wretched mood is hard to shake,
My heart is gutted from within,
My deeds are tarnished with chagrin.

Falling fast as time stands still,
My spine has caught a nasty chill,
That freezes all my hopes and needs,
Whilst deep inside my soul just bleeds.

Falling fast there’s no more point,
To stick around this toxic joint,
I wish I had the guts to choose,
But I am just a broken muse.

© The Complicated Bunny – 02 Jun 2022