No Point

I cannot find the point to life,
It’s only brought me pain and strife,
A never ending flood of gloom,
That leads to a foreboding doom,

And ravages my heart and soul,
Creating an enormous hole,
That pulls me deeper, deeper down,
Until I wear the joker’s crown,

Humiliation wrapped in shame,
I only have myself to blame,
For thinking life could bring me hope,
Instead it brought me pills and dope,

To pacify my manic brain,
Which ambles freely in the rain,
And rattles cages far and wide,
Till all shenanigans subside,

And drag me back to the abyss,
Which isn’t paved in gold and bliss,
Instead it shouts and calls my name,
My peace and torment each the same,

Until I stagger on the bluff,
I am not made of stronger stuff,
I’m merely just a punching bag,
Whose insides spill a dirty rag,

For all the world to see and laugh,
I struggle in the aftermath,
Of knowing that I’ll never be,
Allowed to wander safe and free,

Yes there is just no point to life,
The years bring agonising strife,
I’m manacled, punch drunk on air,
And just too broke to really care.

© The Complicated Bunny – 02 Jun 2022