200 Ways

200 ways to write some words,
To be verbose takes skill in thirds,
And when is all but said and done,
A manic verse is kinda fun.

200 ways to claim your voice,
Bipolar never was a choice,
The chaos random ever more,
My silence wants to rant and roar.

200 ways to think a thought,
My brain relies on fast retort,
But ruminate and thoughts can stick,
Or hide because the fog’s too thick.

200 ways to feel the feels,
My life goes by in movie reels,
A script no one could ever act,
That dances with the devil’s pact.

200 ways to soldier through,
I run through hell and so do you,
However hard I will not quit,
Until my mental health is fit.

200 ways to wonder why,
For life’s a bitch and so we sigh,
And though the cards I play may fold,
There are still treasures to behold.

200 ways to say thank you,
And as my chapter writes anew,
I hope 300 comes our way,
So we can have the final say.

© The Complicated Bunny – 03 Jun 2022

This poem is my 200th verse since returning to writing when I started therapy. It is dedicated to my clinical psychologist J.B. and all the work we have done over the past 23 months.