Flying Muppets

They call them Flying Monkeys,
But there’s something I prefer,
To label feral agents,
Fuelled by narcissistic slur,
They think they are superior,
Their evil laying roots,
But I think Flying Muppets,
Is a better name that suits.

They say a Flying Monkey,
Is a Lying Monkey too,
And I concur for I have seen,
The facts contorted blue,
A truth is just a lie untold,
They wriggle in their seat,
A Flying Lying Muppet,
With a taste for cruel deceit.

With no remorse a Flying Monkey,
Spreads their wings and flies,
Returning to the narcissist,
To spread their hate and lies,
And all the while they’ve no idea,
How stupid they may be,
Pathetic Flying Muppets,
There for all the world to see.

So beware of Flying Monkeys,
Never fuel their toxic flame,
No matter what you say or do,
You’ll always cop the blame,
So keep integrity in check,
And ghost their vapid taunts,
Remember Flying Muppets,
Are as petty as their haunts.

© The Complicated Bunny – 03 Jun 2022