Identity is everything,
And yet it holds no weight,
When being someone different,
Keeps it open for debate,
We yearn for true acceptance,
But we know within our hearts,
The thing that makes us special,
Causes painful stops and starts.

Identity is nothing,
Yet it speaks of who we are,
Our truth is but a chapter,
That is written from afar,
We try to find real happiness,
In being what we love,
But sometimes nonconformity,
Comes crashing from above.

Identity is awesome,
But it holds a darker tone,
Try looking in the mirror,
And embracing what you own,
Instead of seeing weaknesses,
That others mirror back,
Why do we seek to be unique,
Then hide amongst the pack.

Identity is loathsome,
For it drowns me in my sleep,
I wish to be myself,
Distinguished from the other sheep,
My wool is black, my soul is red,
There’s nothing left to give,
That keeps me in society,
Where others choose to live.

Identity is humorous,
The rat race, oh so droll,
It’s funny watching people,
Square their peg in rounded hole,
They only want to feel a part,
Of something truly grand,
But sadly the majority,
Are stuck in vacant stands.

Identity is wretched,
For it warps my heart and mind,
If only I could cast beyond,
And hook a friendly kind,
Instead I’m hidden in plain site,
With nothing but a phone,
That never rings so I am doomed,
To walk this earth alone.

Identity is sanity,
As madness will attest,
Most people run the other way,
When greeted with my quest,
But I make no apology,
For words I toss around,
Accept me or reject me,
My identity is sound.

Identity is everything,
It will not weigh me down,
No longer does that little girl,
Need smiles to hide the frown,
For I am her and she is me,
Our journey right or wrong,
Has taken more than 50 years,
To find where we belong.

© The Complicated Bunny – 07 Jun 2022