Love & Belonging

Love is such a painful blast,
Of icy winds that freeze the past,
Yet still I yearn to feel complete,
But love has only brought deceit,
And though I crave to just belong,
My fear is paved with sullen song,
That drowns me in sea of doubt,
My heart wants in, my head wants out.

Love is such a fiery flame,
That burns through life as wanton shame,
Forever marked by lurid scars,
Where time negates those wistful stars,
That shoot into my torrid soul,
Reminders from a time once whole,
But buried deep where right meets wrong,
I still have yearnings to belong.

Love is such a hateful ploy,
That pulls our strings as if to toy,
With everything we are and more,
A bitter dance to crush the score,
But I have lost before I start,
My thoughts and feelings far apart,
From what the world expects of me,
There is no love to set me free.

And should I choose to sample need,
To love and have that love succeed,
With entry in a group that shows,
A kindness only friendship knows,
But could I lay my weary hat,
On heads where empathy is at,
I fear the misanthrope has won,
The damage cannot be undone.

So love may be a basic need,
But it behests my heart to bleed,
From wounds that fate cannot deny,
My chances to belong went dry,
Condemning any need to share,
My life with people anywhere,
I am alone but I am fine.
Relationships are stolen time.

© The Complicated Bunny – 08 Jun 2022

This poem is the second in a series of poems based around Dr. William Glasser’s Choice Theory Basic Needs which is something my psychologist and I are currently exploring.