I cannot fathom reasons why,
A bully screams till people cry,
Is power over others might,
Or is it simply fear and spite,
A weakness in their D.N.A.,
That shoulders darkness and decay,
Where bigotry is raised and fed,
And torment lies beneath their stead.

I can embrace a self belief,
A power to extinguish grief,
In those that struggle to be free,
To build them up empowers me,
For I prefer to right the wrongs,
And sing the most inspiring songs,
For power over self alludes,
To happiness a heart exudes.

I cannot fathom narcissists,
Who walk the earth with battered fists,
Just begging to engage a fight,
To feed their ego’s shameful blight,
That brings about destructive force,
You’ll never see them feel remorse,
A martyr for their shallow quest,
A calloused soul that spews unrest.

I can embrace a reckoning,
In spite of narcissists I bring,
A power that is used for growth,
For kindness is my solemn oath,
An altruistic basic need,
That plugs my spirit when I bleed,
I struggle true but I’m not done,
Until my freedom has been won.

I cannot fathom hurtful creed,
That preys upon the wounds that bleed,
And makes a fascist puff their chest,
For all the damage they behest,
It is a sickness for all time,
When power fuels such hateful crime,
A scourge for all humanity,
A pestilence they cannot see.

I can embrace a need for hope,
To climb from darkness on this rope,
Which dangles for the greater good,
Endorsing mercy as it should,
For power doesn’t just corrupt,
If used for peace it can erupt,
And bring about much needed change,
Destroying rhetoric’s derange.

And so I wield my power strong,
To right the lies that did us wrong,
To build us up, not tear us down,
So we can beat that sullen frown,
And ride our inspiration true,
For every day we start anew,
Is one more chance for joy we chase,
Will make this world a better place.

© The Complicated Bunny – 09 Jun 2022

This poem is the third in a series of poems based around Dr. William Glasser’s Choice Theory Basic Needs which is something my psychologist and I are currently exploring.