Trauma Bonded

Trauma bonded stuck like glue,
Distressed I’m still attached to you,
The one who takes but rarely gives,
Is this how desperation lives.

Trauma bonded no one there,
The truth is you don’t really care,
Except when matters favour you,
It’s then you drop the other shoe.

Trauma bonded full of shame,
For being one who did remain,
Instead of chasing life outside,
This vicious narcissistic ride.

Trauma bonded grief en masse,
I fell into a deep crevasse,
Now wedged inside a splintered groove,
It wounds me that I cannot move.

Trauma bonded no way out,
I wish that I could scream and shout,
But nothing mollifies your bite,
So I stay hidden out of sight.

Trauma bonded rapid fall,
I’m always at your beck and call,
But if I need support that’s due,
You always bring it back to you.

Trauma bonded what’s the point,
I know you never will anoint,
This child who only wanted love,
Into the shadows you did shove.

Trauma bonded vengeful spite,
My thoughts and feelings never right,
Forever scared to share my heart,
Your tore my future clean apart.

Trauma bonded no one knows,
The depths to which my torment grows,
I yearn for strength to someday flee,
My only hope to be set free.

Trauma bonded where to now,
Forever stuck like glue somehow,
Or will my path deliver peace,
And cause this trauma bond to cease.

© The Complicated Bunny – 11 Jun 2022