The Mine/Mind Field

I never seem to catch a break,
No matter where I step,
A powder keg goes up in smoke,
I’m full of staunch regret,
It surely is a minefield,
Living in this house of doom,
Just one wrong move at life’s behoove,
And chances go kaboom.

I never seem to win the war,
That ravages my head,
The only time there’s ever peace,
Is when you go to bed,
My brain is such a mind field,
Feelings retch, emotions zoom,
It only takes a single quake,
To crash amongst the gloom.

I never seem to grab a breath,
Before I start to drown,
A lifetime full of wondering,
Will I bequeath the crown,
Of living in a minefield,
Searing hopes with bitter fume,
I try to fight with all my might,
But life is just a tomb.

I never seem to dodge a joke,
When family’s around,
The experts when it comes,
To dragging spirits to the ground,
Sarcastic laden mind field,
Painful secrets to exhume,
I know this lot has lost the plot,
I’m off to clean my room.

I never seem to catch a break,
No matter what I do,
I shudder in my silence,
As you trash the other shoe,
My life is just a minefield,
Dodging narcissistic plume,
If I could pay to have my way,
My freedom bud would bloom.

© The Complicated Bunny – 14 Jun 2022