The Bipolar Wranglers

That mania horse,
With the unbridled force,
Is hanging off every word,
The old timer’s shine,
Without reason or rhyme,
Demands it be cut from the herd.

Don’t rope it too tight,
Or you’ll anchor with fright,
We want it to trust in our jive,
It may take some skill,
But I’m betting its will,
Is the spirit that keeps it alive.

You see there’s a dream,
But it ain’t too obscene,
A race that’s the crème de la crème,
Where manic pretence,
Is a downright offence,
And jockeys prefer they and them.

It’s been a long while,
Since this brumby had style,
They’ve been in a pasture of loot,
And though they are grey,
There is plenty to say,
With a fire in the belly to boot.

So run without sin,
Let adventure begin,
Excitement will meet every turn,
Commitment’s been made,
No more need to persuade,
We’re chasing the joy that we yearn.

Now open discourse,
With this mania horse,
You may have to battle the reins,
Approach it with calm,
No intent to do harm,
Or you’ll cop a swift kick to the brains.

And there may be times,
The old timer declines,
When depression’s a mongrel to steer,
And a toxic explosion,
Hell bent on erosion,
Is channeled by something they fear.

So when they fall short,
Of the challenge they sort,
Be patient and tend to their side,
For sabotage lashes,
The bipolar crashes,
And forces our jockey to hide.

Let’s summon the force,
So our mania horse,
Can ready their fitness to run,
We want them to strive,
And in victory thrive,
For a battle is meant to be won.

So bring on commotion,
A plan is in motion,
To prance to the finish with speed,
So gather your strength,
We need courage at length,
And let’s wrangle this bipolar steed.

© The Complicated Bunny – 16 Jun 2022