Life’s Loser

Life’s loser, that is me,
A shattered soul my destiny,
I try so hard to no avail,
This tiger has a broken tail.

Life’s heartache, I refrain,
From chasing things I know are sane,
The crazy feel of life’s lament,
Is punching holes through thick cement.

Life’s damaged, bitter seed,
I cannot plug the wounds that bleed,
The silent loudness in my head,
Encapsulates the truths I’ve bled.

Life’s fractured, don’t you know,
My spirit frozen in the snow,
No words of comfort rescue me,
The pieces form an endless sea.

Life’s funny, I’m the joke,
Such ridicule each time I spoke,
So now my voice shouts deep inside,
In places where it’s safe to hide.

Life’s brutal, awful bruise,
I long to give, they long to use,
But finally I learned my place,
Who is to blame for this disgrace.

Life’s loser, that I am,
Left on the shelf like rotten spam,
I wish my life would run it’s course,
And buck me off this manic horse.

© The Complicated Bunny – 19 Jun 2022