Not Even A Number

Not even a number,
To fall through the cracks,
Dismissed as a crazy,
Their ignorance smacks,
Of stigma and judgment,
What hope have we got,
When futures are handed,
To this wretched lot.

Not even a crazy,
Nor human by stretch,
To deal with these people,
Makes innocence retch,
I thought I was moving,
Ahead of the pack,
But fate intervened,
And it wrestled me back.

Not even in balance,
My life is a cheque,
Dishonoured by day,
And by night I’m a wreck,
I swore I was done,
With the whole bloody thing,
A weary old fighter,
Alone in the ring.

Not even a window,
To look at the stars,
My dreams are in tatters,
My goals are a farce,
I’m done with the wonders,
I thought I could reach,
My heart washed ashore,
On a desolate beach.

Not even a number,
Forgotten and raw,
I thought I had hope,
Till they swindled the score,
So pass me a lemon,
And brace for the pull,
I’d like to push on,
But my bucket is full.

© The Complicated Bunny – 21 Jun 2022