Lost For Words

Lost for words to soothe my mind,
I’m chewing on a lemon rind,
I cannot breathe, I cannot think,
My sanity is on the brink,
And drowning in the deepest hole,
Is where you’ll find my weary soul,
We fashion hope but there’s no cure,
To madness and it’s crazy lure.

So off unto the breach we sail,
And drag behind the benzo trail,
That hardly does a bloody thing,
But make you punch drunk in the ring,
Where pugilists and poets wage,
A war not fit for king nor sage,
Where heavy lies the wretched crown,
A futile mask to wear you down.

So down the rabbit hole you sink,
With spirit lying in the drink,
Too hot to cool, too cold to burn,
No peace at all for which to yearn,
Just raging pain and broken parts,
Still ripped apart by grieving hearts,
And torn by fate whose cruel lament,
Is knowing straight is always bent.

So lost for words to soothe my mind,
An empty head is all you’ll find,
Except on days the crazy flies,
And hurtles me towards the skies,
So I can crash and burn once more,
A Phoenix flapping on the shore,
Awaiting thoughts to clear the way,
For madness brings another day.

© The Complicated Bunny – 26 Jun 2022