A Cautionary Tail

The cat in the hat,
Sat on the mat,
The dog was feeling blue,
Why be so shy,
Come dry your eye,
You sure it ain’t the flu?
The dog in fog,
Jogged all agog,
Was mad frustrated too,
The cat who sat,
Hat on the mat,
Just didn’t have a clue.

The cat stayed sat,
With hat on mat,
The dog began to chew,
Is that a med,
To fix your head?
The pointed questions flew,
The dog in bog,
Now hogged the grog,
And told the pest to shoo,
Cat full of chat,
Refused to scat,
So dog got drunk on brew.

Now cat on mat,
In hat he sat,
While dog’s impatience grew,
Why do intrude,
With such a mood?
The cat began to spew,
The dog in smog,
With grog to flog,
Exploded into view,
The cat now shat,
Upon said mat,
And dog ripped him in two.

So back to cat,
Now splat on mat,
Where carnage did ensue,
The moral slog,
Don’t poke the dog,
When he is feeling blue,
The grog may fog,
The cog of dog,
But life will amble through,
With no more cat,
In stupid hat,
The dog rejoiced anew.

© The Complicated Bunny – 04 Jul 2022

Having a bit of manic fun with my take on a Dr Seuss classic. One of my favourite writers and a brilliant wordsmith.