What happened to the world outside,
It seems so long ago,
That I had confidence to burn,
And ways to make things so,
But now I sit detached inside,
Not knowing what to think,
Removed from every single ride,
Life teeters on the brink.

The brink of strange reality,
But still familiar tones,
Do paint an awkward sanity,
That shakes my weary bones,
A part of me remembers,
But a greater part is numb,
Avoidance pulls the threads,
As fright and flight are overcome.

Inside my head I can escape,
But sometimes life reveals,
A complicated tryst of lies,
And truths my body steels,
I know I’m here, but yet I’m not,
The world seems far away,
This cold and damp obscurity,
Is where I choose to stay.

For it bequeaths a sense of calm,
Where all my parts can be,
Connected to a safer place,
Allowed to wander free,
Not ravaged by society,
Nor cursed as weak or fake,
Where silence heals the splinters,
Of a mind that wants to break.

What happened to the world outside,
It passed me long ago,
While I was stuck in no man’s land,
My illness stole the show,
And wrote a fractured fairytale,
Mankind would deem a curse,
But I embrace the rabbit holes,
They fuel my rhyme and verse.

© The Complicated Bunny – 10 Jul 2022