Mania You Dirty Dog

Mania you dirty dog,
Nothing can soothe your fateful fog,
From bouncing deep inside my brain,
And strangling what parts remain.

Mania you barren brute,
Who broke my head and stole the loot,
Then hurled me into no man’s land,
A state of flux I cannot stand.

Mania you bloodless beast,
Why is it in my mind you feast,
The anger pours like acid rain,
There is no cure for all this pain.

Mania you loathsome lout,
You only ever scream and shout,
Inside where sanity does hide,
There’s no one standing by my side.

Mania you wicked wretch,
The broken pieces that you fetch,
Will never fit the same again,
I’m fractured full of life’s disdain.

Mania you twisted tramp,
The rage and fear is all you amp,
No happiness to filter through,
I’m stuck like gum on someone’s shoe.

Mania you caustic creep,
You even steel my fragile sleep,
So I am neither here nor there,
But caught in limbo’s vacant stare.

Mania you ghastly ghoul,
The poetry my only tool,
To fight the darkness in the night,
Instead of freezing in my fright.

Mania you dirty dog,
You set the future all agog,
But I know better than to trust,
Your crazy enigmatic lust,

For when your madness starts to crash,
It’s me who feels the bitter clash,
Forever falling just to climb,
Through one more manic tortured rhyme.

© The Complicated Bunny – 16 Jul 2022